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Clinical Protocol Database

This service will be available in 2016. It is possible to seek medical treatment protocols. This service is made available on the website of the Clinical Protocol Database. The content is managed by the Clinical Protocol Foundation.


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This service fits perfectly with Practocol Support and offers hospitals the opportunity to completely outsource the maintenance of the protocol database. Via a secure connection work is done by teams of protocol specialists from the office of Practocol. Before the protocol or a modification can be used for a patient it must be validated by the staff of the hospital. A user will receive a notification directly from the Practocol Planner. The costs are completely transparent on the basis of a points system. The amount of points per assignment is dependent on the complexity of the assignment. Invoicing takes place when the client is satisfied. Advantageous rates are available.



This service will be available in the spring of 2016. It is possible to download full protocols. Practocol has an extensive database with already digitized protocols and can deliver fully customized protocols on request. This way hospitals can save time and money on an implementation and during the maintenance phase.


Practocol Support is the collective name for the extensive support provided Practocol when using the Practocol Planner. The Practocol Planner uses constantly changing protocols. These protocols must be continually updated and validated by users. Difficulties in the prescription can be influenced by many things. There may be a problem with the software, but also with the entered protocol definitions. This is difficult to oversee for an IT helpdesk of a hospital. Practocol therefore provides a help desk for all these questions, which can directly be contacted by end users. Problems with the software will be solved. Wishes and requests regarding the software are discussed with the client. Wishes and requests relating to the protocols can, if desired, be fully addressed through Practocol Remote. The helpdesk can be reached by telephone from 13:00 to 17:00. In addition, there is an emergency line. The response time for urgent questions is 1 hour.

Services in development

Practocol continues to develop. We will offer new services in the near future. Practocol Info is a service being developed for the delivery of management information with regard to digitized protocols.