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Practocol Planner is medical software to support the planning, prescription, and administration of complex medical treatment protocols. Digital versions of protocols are used which can be supplied by Practocol. This combination of medical software, content and services is unique and advantageous.

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Treatment of diseases becomes more and more directed to the individual patients in order to achieve optimal results. However this results in complex protocols, which complicates the overview of the treatment path of each individual patient and the following steps without having to go through many pages of the protocol. Practocol offers a solution by translation the static paper protocols into a dynamic digital treatment paths. In these digital protocols the physician can navigate through the whole treatment of the patients and the available paths. Several treatment plans (strategies) can be attached to a patient containing different treatment arms.

Combination of medication (courses) can be prescribed from within these strategies. The medication is automatically calculated for the selected patient and can be modified if necessary. Additional mandatory checks, instructions, notes, warnings can be included to improve patient safety.

Practocol planner for the pharmacy
If the physician prescribes and authorizes a course, this information will be send to the pharmacy. Hence the pharmacy will have an up to date overview of the current requested medication. Modifications to the prescription will be immediately visible. Practocol Planner has an optional pharmacy module. With this module the pharmacy can perform checks and register processes. It also manages preparations and product barcodes can be generated to identify the product preparations. These barcodes are scanned by the nurses to validate the correct product for the right patient.



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The prescribed and authorized mediation appears immediately in the nursing worklist. This list contains all patients scheduled for the selected wards. For each patients a list can be opened with the medication he or she should receive as stated by the physician. Timing of adminstration is color coded to keep a clear overview of what needs to happen. The nurses go through several checks before and during administration (including scanning of the patientbarcode, employers batch, product barcode). Practocol Planner keeps track of all medication, who performed the checks, administered the drug, modifications, etc.

Waarom Practocol?
Practocol develops software, however Practocol is not the standard software company. The main difference is the content. Practocol has several medical specialists employed, including medical doctors, pharmacists and medical students. The software development is only one aspect, the other aspect is the medical knowhow. To translate static paper protocols into a digital dynamic clinically useable form is only possible with specific medical knowledge. Not every treatment and research protocol can be developed in the same manner. Made to measure systems are the only way to incorporate all the complexity for broad specialised clinical applicable digital systems. Practocol can also advice on the design and implementation of protocols in the digital space. Additionally Practocol provides the implementation of external systems into Practocol Planner if possible, like EPDs or lab systems.

How does it work?
A hospital can request a new protocol via Practocol Remote. This is a website for the client with several request forms, status of requests, manuals, news and more information. Practocol starts the design of the new protocol (after contact if requested). The digital version is send to the hospital for validation. The validation is often done by a medical doctor, pharmacist and nurse. Here further modifications will be made and the digital version can be adjusted to the preferences of the client. After approval by the local medical specialists the protocol can be used in the clinic. Changes can be made at any time if necessary.


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This software can be used in addition as a database to obtain clinical and management information for highly specialized departments or as a complete Electronic Patient Record system.




Products under development

The Practocol Solution is an app for different kinds of smartphones which is compatible with other Practocol products and services This app will be released soon and enables you to have access to your data anytime, anywhere.