Practical Protocol

Within medicine, the doctor makes a diagnosis in a patient. Often the patient receives a treatment prescribed by the doctor. In addition there is professional help from a pharmacist who prepares the medication. A nurse will administer the medicine in the case of an infusion. In medical treatment protocols it is described exactly how a patient should be treated. This way it can be done safely and professionally. These protocols contain for instance exact dosages of the drugs used. The protocols are usually available as text or PDF. Nowadays, software is often used in hospitals, for example, for the prescription of medication. Text files are not suitable to serve as a basis for this software.

Practocol digitizes and standardizes these medical treatment protocols. Often adjustments are given in the protocol for dosing of the drug based on eg age, height or weight. In a digital protocol, it is possible to calculate the exact dosage with the push of a button. A treatment often takes place over a longer period of time, whereby different treatment methods and studies alternate with each other. A digital protocol provides a time line, allowing doctors, nurses and pharmacists to easily understand the full treatment protocol. This way they know exactly what treatments and examinations are given and at what moment. Also, it is possible to get management information, such as, for example,  the length of stay or the amount of medication.

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