Digitalize in the Princess Máxima Center with Practocol Planner

10 years of Practocol!

Tuesday June 5th, the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology in Utrecht has been officially opened. One of the intentions of this center is the use of innovative digital processes. A large number of information systems were implemented simultaneously, including the medical software Practocol Planner.


February 2017, the Princess Máxima Center signed a contract with the medical software company Practocol. Practocol is supplier of the software solution Practocol Planner, which originated completely from the clinical workplace. The software is specifically developed for prescribing complex chemotherapeutic treatment plans. Every aspect of the process is supported; including prescribing by the medical doctor, preparation of the chemotherapeutics and checks by the pharmacist and the administration registration by the nurse on the ward.


In the recent months, a lot of effort has been made to implement hundreds of interactive treatment protocols. This has been accomplished through the hard work of both Practocol and the Princess Máxima Center. This intense collaboration created a strong partnership.


Practocol was founded in 2009 to support the use of complex medical treatment protocols. In 2018 Practocol is a company with large clients, including the Princess Máxima Center and Erasmus Medical Center. Practocol has several medical specialists with years of experience. Hence, Practocol has a good feel for the needs of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients. This especially, makes Practocol a unique company in the ICT sector.


Roel Reddingius, CEO of Practocol: “Every day we learn more about the effect of medication to the human body. Medication is increasingly tailored to the needs of an individual patient. However, the disadvantage is the increasing complexity of the protocols. In addition, a larger number of treatment protocols becomes available, which requires the use of a specialized system to support the execution of the complex treatment protocols.


By medical specialists, for medical specialists

After diagnosis, the doctor will choose a specific treatment protocol for the optimal treatment of the patient. Through Practocol Planner, all involved specialisms have access to the complete dynamic treatment path. In this way, the contribution of the nurses, pharmacists and secretaries can be optimized. The main advantage for all involved parties is a clear overview, increased safety and digital availability. The field of pediatric oncology is very dynamic with rapid consecutive developments. Practocol will continue to develop improvements and updates to keep the database, and therefore the treatment, up to date.


Individualized therapy is the future

The vision of the Princess Máxima Center is in line with the vision of Practocol; a future of further individualized therapy and shared care. In addition to treatment in the Princess Máxima Center, a part of the care will be performed in other hospitals and at home. The future perspective of Practocol Planner is to be able to support this even better.


Roel Reddingius elaborates on the partnership: “I am very proud of the new founded collaboration. Together with an innovative partner like the Princess Máxima Center, our new developments can quickly become be available to patients.”

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